Lean on You and Me

Brassiere has always been an object that is soft yet protective, common yet mysterious, compulsory yet personal.  In this project, I wish to explore this subject by furnishing commonplace objects with brassiere.

In Chinese culture in which I was brought up, brassiere has always been thought to be an unlucky item when touched or seen, especially when gambling or praying.

In this project, my intention is to explore the sensitivity and familiarity of the general public towards the object.  I would like to expose this object to the audience, much like how superman wears his underwear outside.  I let the found object to have the underwear on the outside

With such striking contradiction, I believe it will challenge the preconception of the general public towards women.  It also questions the stereotype of women in their positions, and stimulates women themselves to rethink their roles in the society.