Fatal Attraction

In this work titled fatal attraction, I approached my art in a light manner as to reach my intention without losing the appeal of cute aesthetics.

The shark is a predatory animal that gives us a sense of danger and fear. 

My sculpture of the shark is a narrative of how victims are lured into believing that their love partner is the protective gender of the weak.

I constructed a heart shape in the shark's mouth as a love bait to trap the unsuspecting fishes.

It is similar to domestic violence where the love partner still believe their abusive half one. 

As for the shark, I applied a soft surface by using bras to construct its form. This is my representation of sense of lightness to make this sculpture alluring in nature. 

The impression that shark is kind and gentle attracts fish to its open mouth.

Once the fish is caught, the grill teeth will trap the fish inside. 

My work is not about how the shark captures its prey, it is how the smarter fish adjust the bra stripes to escape the temptation.

My work can be soft in nature but the message has always been about being independent and smart to survive in the contemporary world.